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Have you had your Omega-3s Today?

Buy Pure One Next Gen Plant Based Omega - 3 and DHAPure One™ omega-3s are an anti-aging and anti-inflammatory supplement support in one product for golfers and active men and women, children and mothers. Golf requires a steady heart and nerves. The right omega-3 fats help control oxidized cholesterol levels and plasma lipid markers, tested for by a doctor to assess risk of vascular and brain plaques. The golden good fat called DHA omega-3 more effectively eliminates the fat imbalances found in 70% of people in the United States. Too little omega-3 fats and to much omega-6 fat in the diet appears to lead to risk of chronic disease onset.

The golden omega-3 called DHA is 90 percent of the omega-3 in the body and 97 percent of the omega-3 in the brain. Even fish oils get spun into golden DHA fats in the body. DHA is the hardest omega-3 to get and is the most needed, the most expensive and the most effective per dose. You get what you pay for. Pure One™ is a triple strength DHA product. Only 2 to 4 small supplement capsules are needed versus 6 to 12 larger fish oil pills. For the Iron-Doc™, pro-athlete and Iron-Man™ winner Alex McDonald, M.D., the Pure One oil helps him literally run like a well oiled machine. He takes the recommended 4 Pure Ones per day for getting a peak omega-3 index.

"Pure One™ helps decrease inflammation in an athlete's body to let them train harder, faster, stronger, more consistently; last week I rode 378 miles, ran 48 and swam 11 miles and I feel good."
-Dr Alex McDonald, M.D.

For those who like living a greener life, Pure One™ is a sustainable product.  Pure One is a plant based clinical grade oil with super-polyunsaturated fats, particularly DHA and EPA, the ones needed by the heart and brain for normal and peak function.

The bottle says "Balanced to match your body's omega-3 needs".  Pure One™ is guaranteed to give all the benefits of fish oil, without the fish. Pure One gives the same omega-3s as fish oil, but in a better way.  The next generation omega-3 comes from a source algae strain cultured for quality food grade oil pure enough for babies and pregnant mothers.

First there was fish oil and then flax oil, but these fail to satisfy all omega-3 requirements without modification.  Fish oil is good for the heart and flax is good too.  Yet, Pure One™ oil is the right choice for the heart and the brain because it gives an optimized metabolic ratio of EPA and DHA fatty acids.  All this innovation even comes without any fishy after effects. 

So have you had your omega-3s today? Before heading to the front nine, before the breakfast of champions, give yourself the Pure One™ advantage because what matters most to golfers is focus, flexibility and fitness.

Plant based DHA has been the staple omega-3 added to infant formulas for many years. Now Pure One™ gives the anti-aging generation the most significant nutritional medicine in decades. Because Pure One™ is a scientifically optimized omega-3, that means it matches the needs of both the heart and the brain at the same time.

Only DHA-rich algae derived vegetable oil is a true replacement for outdated fish oil.  Can the world's fish populations support the re-doubling of worldwide omega-3 demand and the need for DHA.  Pure One™ has been made to save and relieve, to help ever and to hurt never. Make your choice a pure one.

Clinical Disclaimer and References: Clinical trials not based on Pure One, but based on the exact oil found in Pure One, have demonstrated that long-chain plant based oils, namely docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), provide improved health status and clinically significant cardioprotective benefits. The American Heart Association recommends that individuals with documented Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) take at least 1.0 g daily of DHA plus EPA [American Heart Association, 2010]. Standardized dosage and use of omega-3s help significantly reduce the risk of sudden death [Albert et al., 1998; GISSI-Prevenzione trial, 1999], reduce systemic inflammation [Mori and Beilin 2004], reduce long-term atherosclerosis and ischemic heart disease risk [Galli et al., 1992], improve endothelial and vascular function [Mori et al., 2000; Engler et al., 2004], provide a moderately lower blood pressure and heart rate in normal and mildly hypertensive individuals [Bonna and Thelle 1991; Keller et al., 2007; Kelley et al., 2007] and contribute to the maintenance of grafts after coronary artery bypass surgery [Eritsland et al., 1996]. In fact, with omega-3s DHA, the cardioprotective effects are particularly strong among high risk individuals with previous myocardial infarction [GISSI-Prevenzione trial, 1999]. Using the Framingham Study, further statistical correlations are made between the intake of these omega-3 fats and improved morbidity and mortality, whereas statin intervention alone does not provide improvements in these end-of-life indicators [Daviglus et al., 1997; Albert et al., 1998; Zhang et al., 1999; Hu et al., 2002].
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